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Like AP, REALTREE APG HD is lighter, more open, more neutral-toned and more contrasty than the competition. And with the addition of olive green accents, REALTREE APG HD offers even more concealment options in early fall and spring whether you're drawing back on the buck of a lifetime or closing the distance on a love struck longbeard. And REALTREE APG HD is printed with our industry leading HIGH DEFINITION imaging process, allowing it to melt into hardwoods, pine thickets, prairies, river bottoms and other environments. So no matter where or when you hunt, trust REALTREE APG HD to deliver the kind of season and region versatility you demand.


One thing's for sure. When you wear REALTREE®AP HD, you'll be confident. It's neutral, open, contrasty and realistic all the things necessary to make a camo pattern versatile and effective. Perhaps more important are the improvements we've made to our already advanced HIGH DEFINITION printing process. Long story short, we've considered the effects of Mother Nature and washing machines and printed the pattern to hold its contrast through real-life conditions. New REALTREE AP HD the AP means All-Purpose. We're certain you'll agree that it lives up to its name.

Deerhunter® Innovation

Deerhunter Innovation has been created from a mixture of ground hunting scenarios, but also bird level scenarios. The 3D-effect is made more prominent via different earth coloured patterns in order to achieve the optimal camouflage.

Advantage Timber

When Bill Jordan introduced Advantage Timber it took the camouflage industry by storm. Never before had a camouflage pattern looked so real. It took years of research to perfect the technology needed to create this uniquely advanced yet natural pattern. The Techo-Realism process, developed by Advantage Camouflage, allowed Advantage Timber to offer life-like colours, exceptional contrast, and improved three-dimensional effects. To put it simply, Advantage Timber works.

Realtree Hardwoods Green HD

Realtree introduces the next step in camouflage -Realtree Hardwoods Green, created using Bill Jordan's amazing new High Definition(HD) process which produces the most incredibly realistic camouflage patterns ever. Using this process, Realtree can print extremely detailed camouflage patterns, and achieve results that are nearly identicle to the original digital artwork. Without question, the new HD process sets the standard far all future camouflage applications. Realtree's HD update of the Hardwoods pattern makes the pattern come alive with incredibly realistic and three-dimensional graphics.

Realtree Hardwoods HD

Making a great pattern better is no easy task, but Realtree has done it. Realtree Hardwoods HD has been updated using our proprietary High Definition printing process. Realtree Hardwoods is so realistic, it makes you feel like the outdoors when you wear it. You look at it and have a desire to get out your limb trimmers. It's that lifelike. Realtree Hardwoods is a great pattern nationwide. In most instances, it's most effective from mid to late winter, then again in early spring. But in many areas the pattern can be used no matter the season. Closely consider the surroundings and situation where you'll be hunting and you, better than anyone, can make the right camo choice.

Advantage MAX-4 HD

Advantage MAX-4 HD is the culmination of Bill Jordan's years of experience designing and marketing camo patterns. Bill has long realised the need for a pattern that offers maximum effectiveness in open terrain. Advantage MAX-4 HD was designed to meet this need - without goegraphical limitations. The pattern incorporates cattails, millet, milo, corn stalks, dead sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, plus a variety of other plant life into the largest camouflage artwork on the market. it melts into marshes, grasslands, stubble fields and even the open canopy of a tree.

Realtree Hardwoods® Blaze

Using the original Hardwoods pattern, but taking out much of the bark and leaves, Realtree designer Bill Jordan created the Hardwoods Blaze pattern an extremely open pattern that offers plenty of blaze orange coverage while still maintaining camouflage qualities. This combination of color and camouflage is the perfect mix for deer hunting, effectively revealing hunters to other humans while concealing them from the color blind eyes of deer.

Realtree Hardwoods Snow

Realtree Hardwoods Snow is an extremely "open" camouflage pattern. Of course, its predominant colour is white, but it maintains its concealment qualities through the addition of strategically placed brown and grey coloured leaves and branches. Realtree Hardwoods Snow blends perfectly with snow covered trees, bushes and rocks, which are seldom seen with a complete covering of snow. Realtree Hardwoods is the culmination of 15 years of research and design in camouflage patterns. The effectiveness of this pattern is not compromised, even at a distance, and will never appear as a solid block of colour. Indeed Realtree Hardwoods carries the 20-200 designation, which assures you that it is just as effective at 200 yards as it is at 20.

Mossy Oak Break-Up

Following the highly successful introduction of the original Break-Up in 1996, some serious changes in the printing industry began to take place changes that inspired us to redesign everyone's favorite. The new pattern turned out to be the biggest thing to happen to camouflage since camouflage happened to hunting. Featuring an all-new, computer-enhanced realistic bark background, the new Break-Up design exemplified a sense of texture and depth never seen on a piece of fabric. With the addition of soft, grey oak limbs and deep ghost shadows for further 3-D illusion, the natural contrast found in the woods came to life in the details of this extraordinary pattern.

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